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To view this site :
Netscape 5 or Internet Explorer version 5.x or higher is required to view this site. You should also ensure that JavaScript, Java, Style Sheets and cookies are enabled on your system. Since every browser is different, you should consult the "Help" section of your browser for instructions on how to enable these functions.

Monitor settings to optimise Mediamusic site :
We recommend configuring your monitor to 32-bit color (true color) at 800 x 600 for the best quality visit to our site. Settings vary depending on the system you are using.

Go to the START menu, choose "Settings" and select "Control Panel".
Double-click DISPLAY and select "Settings".
Drag the slide bar in the SCREEN area until the numbers read 800 x 600. Under COLORS, select "High Color" (32 bit).
Click "OK".

Under the "Apple" menu, select "Control Panels" and then "Monitors".
On the Monitor setting, under "Colors", select "Thousands" and 800 x 600.
When provided the option, we recommend restarting your computer with the new color settings.
For more detailed instructions, please consult the documentation that came with your monitor.

Optimize AOL browser :
We suggest the following:
Go to My AOL at the top of the page.
Click "Preferences".
Click "WWW".
Under "Web Preferences", uncheck the "Use Compressed Graphics" box.
Under "Cache", select "Empty Cache Now".
Click "OK".

If you encounter problems after optimizing, we suggest you download target="_blank"Internet Explorer 5.x.

The content of my page is not fully loaded :
You may need to clear your cache. Your cache is a storage area on your computer. When you visit a Web site, the pages you view are stored in your cache. Thus, when you return to that page, your browser can quickly retrieve the file from your computer as opposed to having to find the same file again on the Internet.

Consult the "Help" section of your browser for instructions on how to clear the cache on your computer.

This site is very good ! Who produced it and how can I reach them?

Mediamusic web division :
Mediamusic ®,
a service of
Commercial Research Ltd.
Lawford House
Albert Place
London N 31 RL
United Kingdom.

Contact MediamusicWebDivision to learn more about interactive development, marketing and media promotions.