Silver Cards Information :

The main caracter of this card is a 5% discount within our partners, except special cases which offers you the best of their quality charter.

The price of the Silver Cards : 45 €.

This price permit to a music student to have a very interesting discount and to cover expenses in 1,5 years, only buying scores or musics books. The card validity is 3 years and after, to reneval the validity, it will be half price : 25 €.

Of course, all these calculs are nonsense to buy a music instrument, hifi, a piano for example will cover expenses immediately.

Goods & services distributed by Commercial Research LTD and sold by 2Checkout.

You will receive by email, in a 24 delay, your card number in order to use it quickly on Internet partners , and your card, by post, in a 2 weeks delay maximum.

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